"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Edition Hammer of God v3.1 (Vaperz Cloud + Deathwish Modz)

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The Four Horseman is a special edition Hammer of God  v3.1 This is a collaboration between Deathwish Modz and Vaperz Cloud. As always this is a very limited run. 

Combining the striking visuals of Deathwish Modz designer with the powerhouse Hammer of God mod, this unique piece is truly a work of art! This mod is the perfect companion to big factor RDA/RTAs, ideal for the Deathtrap RDA, The Sherman RDA/RTA or the Mister Tank.

This mod is a 4-batteries (18650) in para-series configuration, with an output of 8.4v max at full charge. Please use carefully, and use at your own risk.